The L'Ourika restaurant, located in the Riad and Guest House CLE DE SOL estate, is built in the old style, under a large glass roof, in an oriental atmosphere. The place exudes charm and refinement. All tables are arranged between the pool and the olive tree garden, near the refreshing water of the fountain, adding a touch of romance and contributing to the magic of the place. The cooks, natives of the ochre city, offer traditional Moroccan cuisine that is both subtle and flavorful.

The restaurant and the guesthouse table at Riad CLE DE SOL offer organic and authentic Moroccan cuisine, both healthy and flavorful, blending Berber and Arab influences that make Moroccan cuisine so specific and renowned.

Moroccan cuisine is an art in itself. Long kept as an oral tradition, this heritage is passed down within families from mother to daughter for generations. Among other secrets is the art of taking time: Tajines slowly simmered, carefully selected and rigorously chosen products, fragrant herbs and spices for an incomparable flavor.

Our chef, Lalla Fatima, will be delighted to introduce you to this rich and varied art that has made Moroccan gastronomy famous. She can also share the secrets of her craft and initiate you into the ancestral techniques of Moroccan cuisine.